Tickets are sold online up to one hour before the show, the day of the event, depending on availability.

Online price is 14,50€, booking fees included. If the screening is not sold out, the remaining tickets will be available at the venue starting at 19h00, at the rate of 16 €.


When purchasing tickets, make sure to pick the right date and venue – tickets are not interchangeable from one screening to another.

Sales are final and refunds will only be issued in the case of a cancelled event. If needed, you may resell your ticket through the online sales platform.

It is possible to change a name on a ticket directly from your “Place Billet” account.

If you prefer not to print your ticket, the QR or bar code can be scanned from your smartphone.

Have a great evening !

Brussels, February 17th 2020 - 8pm - W-halll Auditorium

W-halll Auditorium, Av. Charles Thielemans 93, 1150 Woluwe-Saint-Pierre. Doors open at 19h15 (bar available).

Liege, February 18th 2020 - 8pm - Palais des congrès de Liège

Palais des congrès de Liège, 2, Espl. de l’Europe, 4020 Liège Doors open at 19h15 (bar available).

Gent, February 19th 2020 - 8pm - Studio Skoop

Studio Skoop, Sint-Annaplein 63, 9000 Gent Doors open at 19h40

Antwerp February 20th 2020 - 8pm - UGC cinema Antwerpen

UGC cinema Antwerpen, Van Ertbornstraat 17, 2018 Antwerpen Doors open at 19h40.

Namur, February 21th 2020 - 8pm - Acinapolis

Acinapolis, Rue de la Gare Fleurie 16, 5100 Namur Doors open at 19h30.